New aviation advances as science soars

Not exactly The Jetsons, but . . .
June 19, 2017
Product Liability Claims: Lessons learned the hard way
July 7, 2017
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With air travel becoming one of the most common ways to travel, aviation industry leaders are striving to find ways to make planes more efficient. Researchers are studying every part of the plane from the nose to the tail, but the wing is probably the most interesting. Researchers are now using the Stampede supercomputer to design new wings with longer spans, different materials, and even wings that change shape in flight.

As these new designs are incorporated into planes, product liability in the aviation industry will become an even more complex issue. We often say “If your name goes on it, you need product liability”, but some take that to mean they don’t need it if their part gets incorporated into something else. However, that is not the case. Product liability is still very much an issue, even if you just make a part of that aircraft. If an FAA investigation finds that it was your part that failed in a crash, you will still face the high costs of a product liability lawsuit.  With a new product, such as the latest and greatest winglet, the creator of that part will be under even more scrutiny, and the chances of product liability lawsuit are even higher.

This means having the right coverage becomes even more important.  The last thing you want is for your new company to be crushed under a lawsuit before it even gets off the ground.

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