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The Big Product Liability in the Simple Things
June 9, 2017
New aviation advances as science soars
June 22, 2017
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Is the future finally here? PAL-V has announced pre-sales of the first road- and sky-legal flying car to be delivered in 2018. While not exactly like the Jetsons, the car/helicopter hybrid is an impressive feat of technology. With all the exciting technological advances we are making, product liability insurance will be critical in protecting a company’s investments in their new inventions.

Product liability insurance helps insulate your company from financial loss if your product is accused of causing injury or damage.  With every new advancement, your need for product liability grows.  New products will be under particular scrutiny for liability during their first few years of production.  Until they have a proven track record in the marketplace, the public will continue to question if they are really safe. That means they may be quick to launch a product liability lawsuit.  So it’s critical that your insurance is with a company that knows how to navigate the rocky landscape of this type of claim.

Do you have a product you need to protect? Contact us today about how product liability insurance can protect your company’s future.

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