About Jordan & Jordan

Our History

In 2005, Jordan and Jordan insurance was formed to help meet the product liability insurance needs of the tire and motorcycle industry. Since then, the company has grown from a single-line service to a robust risk management firm, offering a wide variety of insurance products. With multi-cultural business acumen, global brand recognition; and multi-national support staff in in the U.S. and China, our business has grown from national to international. Jordan and Jordan has vast knowledge of the tire manufacturing industry and a large network of client importers and distributors worldwide.

Today Jordan and Jordan aims to be the premier provider of risk management services in the tire and aftermarket automotive industry.

Our Philosophy and Core Values

At Jordan and Jordan Insurance Group, we aim to be a world-class provider of insurance solutions for the tire and motorsports industry.

Protecting your tire and motorsports businesses are our passion.

We take a needs-based approach to finding risk management and insurance solutions; creating a comprehensive plan to identify, prioritize, manage and monitor the portfolio of business risk impacting the organization.

We will assist you in gaining the knowledge that you need to develop processes that can be tracked, measured, and altered, as your business grows.

We believe that open, professional and efficient communication with our clients is the heart of our operation. It builds partnerships, creates value, and it helps to reduce misunderstandings. It creates a culture whereby collaborative action recognizes, and eliminates barriers to our clients' success. We take pride in tailoring solutions to suit your business needs.

Our core values are more than just words; they reflect the way we conduct our business. An exceptional customer service delivered in line with our core values.


We insist on the highest standards of personal and professional conduct to secure the absolute trust and confidence of our clients


We achieve a greater result when we work together.


We require continuous improvement in the quality of all that we do.


Ensuring that our staff realize their full potential is the only way for us to reach our business objectives. We provide enrichment opportunities often, and encourage everyone to actively pursue professional development.


We value and respect the differences and diversity within our organization.

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