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The Jordan & Jordan Difference

The automotive industry continues to face a range of business-critical risks. These risks may include currency fluctuation, supply chain disruptions, political risk like tariffs, business interruptions, product liability, and other additional unforeseen events. As a result, organizations like yours need a top-to-bottom risk management strategy that strikes the right balance between risk retention and risk transfer. A properly designed and implemented plan will help your organization reduce costs while managing volatility.

Our dedicated team of automotive product liability professionals has been providing risk management and insurance solutions for more than 20+ years; including account executives, claims service professionals, and risk control consultants. With proven and effective services in the tire aftermarket industry, backed by industry experience and risk management service, our solutions serve and deliver great value to:

We are confident that you will not find a better product liability Insurance team with more motivation and skill navigating the market

The average experience of our team is 20+ years.

We value and promote academic qualifications and achievements; most of our team has a CPCU, or CRM, or business qualifications with others working towards them.

We have a performance-driven culture.

We are happy to spend time and money on training to supplement existing skills and give our people the technical and business skills necessary to deliver superior customer service.

Help us to help you

Please keep us posted as you grow. We can help you keep your risk management strategy up-to-date.

We always prefer an open and transparent exchange of views to resolve any issues, but if you are less than 100% satisfied with the service you receive, naturally you can access our senior management directly.

We welcome and encourage feedback that will help us to meet your expectations.

Risk Management - our fee-based risk management service



Commercial Auto

Did you know your company has a commercial auto risk, even if the company doesn’t own a car? It’s true. Any time your employees use a vehicle (even their own) for company business, the company could be brought into an auto liability claim.

Commercial auto insurance can include coverage for “hired or non-owned vehicles”, which would include employee cars, as well as rented or borrowed vehicles.

If your company does own vehicles, you have lots of options as to how the vehicles are covered.

We will work with you to understand your specific auto exposure, so we can help you find the best management strategy.


Product Recall

Product recall insurance covers expenses associated with recalling a product from the market. This type of insurance is typically purchased by manufacturers and/or large organizations to cover costs such as product replacement costs, customer notification, shipping costs and disposal costs.

With human error, manufacturing defects, and computer glitches, mistakes inevitably occur. Rarely does a day go by without news of a company’s goods being recalled for safety or illness reasons. Based on current developments, we believe that a decision not to purchase product recall coverage can have devastating repercussions.


Claim Management

For many organizations, claim management and administration is viewed solely as a service operation. However, claims management is an integral part of an organization’s risk management plan. Utilizing claims data to recognize loss patterns and take corrective action ultimately reduces loss.

We understand that there’s more to effective claims handling than the technicalities – the disruption to business needs prompt resolution too. That’s why our approach to claims is based on our understanding of your needs.

Tailored Services:

We tailor our claims management solutions to your needs. We serve as a liaison between litigation team and our clients.

Claims information is provided in an agreed format on a regular basis.

Our claims procedures are designed to facilitate the collection of information required to deal with your claim quickly and efficiently, and assist you in fulfilling your role in the claims process.