July 7, 2017

Product Liability Claims: Lessons learned the hard way

No matter how big, no company is immune to product liability risks.  In February 2014, General Motors was sued because several of its car models were manufactured with faulty ignition switches that may shut off the engine during driving, disabling power steering and brakes, and preventing airbags from inflating. These faulty switches have been linked to at least 31 car accidents and 13 deaths. As a result, GM has recalled over 26 million vehicles for various malfunctions and established a $400 million fund to compensate for deaths and injuries caused by its vehicles. However, the chain reaction does not end […]
June 22, 2017

New aviation advances as science soars

With air travel becoming one of the most common ways to travel, aviation industry leaders are striving to find ways to make planes more efficient. Researchers are studying every part of the plane from the nose to the tail, but the wing is probably the most interesting. Researchers are now using the Stampede supercomputer to design new wings with longer spans, different materials, and even wings that change shape in flight. As these new designs are incorporated into planes, product liability in the aviation industry will become an even more complex issue. We often say “If your name goes on […]
June 19, 2017

Not exactly The Jetsons, but . . .

Is the future finally here? PAL-V has announced pre-sales of the first road- and sky-legal flying car to be delivered in 2018. While not exactly like the Jetsons, the car/helicopter hybrid is an impressive feat of technology. With all the exciting technological advances we are making, product liability insurance will be critical in protecting a company’s investments in their new inventions. Product liability insurance helps insulate your company from financial loss if your product is accused of causing injury or damage.  With every new advancement, your need for product liability grows.  New products will be under particular scrutiny for liability during […]
June 9, 2017

The Big Product Liability in the Simple Things

This week Kreative Kids issued a recall of about 7,600 children’s robe for their flammability. It’s a relatively small piece of cloth, but the implications were huge. But if Kreative Kids didn’t make the material, but only sewed the designs, is the product liability really theirs. In a word, YES. When Kreative Kids, or any other brand creates something new from components, and put their label on it, they are now the manufacturer, and the product liability is theirs to manage. That’s why product liability is so important to ANY brand with a tangible product. Even if you just make […]